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The essential question for choosing luxury lingerie that will suit you perfectly.

Indeed, we will help you with tips and advice to find your bra size. It may seem silly to ask such a question because everyone knows its size since the time you buy the underwear for yourself, but you will see that there are many points to identify in order to have support- throat perfectly adapted to its silhouette.

Did you know that as many as seven out of ten women do not wear the right bra size?

The fact is simple: more than 7 out of 10 women do not wear the right bra size! This figure may seem surprising but many factors can explain this. Throughout our lives, depending on events and our journey, our body and our chest evolve. Have you always taken 90B? But there is a good chance that this size does not suit you anymore! After pregnancy, after a diet or weight gain greater than expected, with age ... All these phenomena have an influence on your chest without necessarily becoming aware. It is therefore important to have your measurements and size regularly checked by a competent expert once a year before buying lingerie. A feminine bra must certainly be aesthetic but it must above all offer you good support and excellent comfort.

What are the risks of wearing a bra that does not suit you?

An ill-fitting bra is useless. Without good maintenance, many factors can occur and cause serious and permanent health problems. The tissues of the chest can become damaged causing aesthetic problems with a chest more "heavy". Postural problems may also occur for women with generous breasts with a slouching position resulting in back, neck and shoulder pain. Finally, skin that becomes fragile with age can suffer scarring damage if the bra is too tight. In order to avoid these problems, the choice of support adapted to your silhouette is clearly essential. And for that, you must know your size.

Our tips on whether you have the right bra size ...

It can be compelling to go to lingerie experts in the shop so for those who are in this case, we will give you tips to get there alone. Take out your seamstress meter! Two measurements are needed to know your bra size. The "back ride" and the chest size. Ready?

Measure your lap of the belly.

Stand upright and place the meter under your breasts and wrap it around your bust. Keep the meter flat and parallel to the ground. Refer to the table below and find your size.

Place the meter horizontally on the tips of your breasts and wrap it around your bust through the armpits and shoulder blades to measure the thickest part of your chest. Keep the meter flat and parallel to the ground.

Be careful, your underside is not suitable if:

- the band of your bra yawns.
- your chest is overflowing with your bra.
- The straps or the band of your bra enter your flesh.
- your bra feels tight and oppresses your breathing.
- The straps of your bra fall back while you adjust them correctly.


That's it, you now know your current bra size. Keep in mind that a bra that suits you is underwear that will enhance your figure and the shape of your chest. The confidence and well-being that results will make you happy and in a good mood. Is not this essential?

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