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How to wash a swimsuit?

In this article, we teach you how to take care of your swimsuit which can be very useful! If only to stay stylish during your vacation, to prolong the life of your bath set, and simply because the low prices are rare these days when we talk about swimsuits! Whether you wear a swimsuit every day this summer or more casual, the fabric of your set will suffer a lot of damage from chlorine, exposure to UVs and hot temperatures, or sand and other sun lotions. Without further ado here are our tips for how to wash a swimsuit ...

Wash it immediately to limit unpleasant odors!

The best service you can give to your swimsuit is to immediately rinse it with fresh water right after use. You will then wash it in more detail when you arrive at home. This will minimize the time during which the fabric is exposed to corroding agents such as sunscreen, perspiration, salt or chlorine. Not to mention the intimate closeness of your swimsuit and your body. The more you wash it, the less likely your swimsuit is to emit bad smells or smell the chlorine, or the beach. One of the easiest ways to wash a swimsuit is to enjoy your post-bath shower by keeping your swimsuit on you to clean it with the shower gel.

Limit your swimsuit wash to hand wash!

The drum of your washing machine can damage the fabric of your sets even if you select a gentle wash cycle. The dyes in the fabrics are also more likely to fade and potentially damage other clothes that you would have washed at the same time. In fact, the machine wash is probably the worst thing for your swimsuit. Your bath sets need care lavished with love and delicate treatment.

Do not use laundry detergent to wash a swimsuit, you will regret it later ...

Many guides advise you to use a little detergent to wash a swimsuit. In fact, laundry detergents are much too harsh for most Lycra or spandex swimsuits and will inevitably tarnish the colors of the textile, especially if it has a flashy color. Even very moderate use of detergent can lead to discoloration of your swimsuit, so think twice! Never use bleach on white bathing suits thinking that you could make them immaculate. It's the opposite that would happen! Instead, use a mild hand soap that does not have moisturizing ingredients. This will help your swimsuit last a lot longer.

Even if it bothers you, do not spin your swimsuit!

It's so tempting but you have to resist the spin! This bad habit will surely cause early wear on your set because Lycra will lose its shape and elasticity. To put it back in your bag, wrap your swimsuit gently in your towel. When you reach home, remove it from the towel and simply lay it flat to dry. It goes without saying that you do not have to use a dryer to dry your swimsuit as this may cause irreparable damage. Repeated shocks in the dryer combined with excessive heat do not mix with the Lycra that is your swimsuit.

But then how to dry your swimsuit?

This may surprise you, but it is best not to suspend your swimsuit to dry because the weight of the water will cause the stretching of the fibers. Dry your shirt flat preferably indoors or in the shade. Indeed, direct exposure to the sun will tarnish the colors of your ensemble. Do not dry your swimsuit in front of an air conditioner even if it seems like a good idea ... all you could do is spread a damp textile smell throughout the room.

What if you do not have enough time to dry your swimsuit?

If you need to dry your swimsuit quickly, you can use a hairdryer. Just make sure it blows relatively cool air. If you have to leave and the shirt is still not dry, put it in a plastic bag and wrap it with a t-shirt or towel to prevent leaks. It is best to drill the plastic bag with a few holes for ventilation. You would be surprised to learn how quickly mold begins to grow in an unventilated area.

Your swimsuit is also entitled to holidays!

You probably know that women's swimsuits are mostly made of lycra. But did you know that lycra is actually a shape memory tissue? This means that even if your shirt is distended, it will return to its original shape. Take a break from your jersey from time to time. It usually takes about a day for the textile to return to its normal state. Do not wear the same swimsuit for two consecutive days. Alternate your sets to allow them to breathe and return to their original form. And this alternation offers other advantages ... You will not feel guilty about offering you more swimsuits. And many designers sets just waiting to be worn will be waiting for you in your summer wardrobe!


Washing and drying your beach clothes can be a laborious task. However, this will allow you to wear your favorite swimsuit longer. You will save money and your summer budget will return to color. It is essential to have several swimsuits when you go on vacation. For a question of style first, then comfort also because it is very unpleasant to wear a wet swimsuit. You have to take care of your swimsuit seriously because wet seaside fabrics are very popular with bacteria and mold. Poor cleaning is the best way to expose yourself to rashes or infections. In summary, when you buy a swimsuit, apply the precautionary principle take in two or three! You now know how to wash a swimsuit, it's up to you!

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