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Swimwear: mistakes not to commit when you buy your swimsuit

Swimwear: mistakes not to commit when you buy your swimsuit


Want a getaway in the sun made of idleness and swimming? So you're probably looking for swimwear collections featuring swimsuits and trendy beach accessories. Before you get new styles, take a look at this article that tells you the pitfalls in which you should not fall. You will see that it will be enough for you to detect some small errors all stupid not to badly choose your swimsuit. You will only have to focus on the pleasure and the relaxation that gives you baths of suns dives in the crystalline waters and summer letting go!


Disdain more covering swimsuits

Do you only have eyes for two-piece bikinis? Do you think that one-piece swimsuits are too classic, old-fashioned or obsolete? Well, think again! Modern swimwear designers have revived the bathing suits and made them essential seaside fashion items. Tankini swimsuits and 1-piece now appear on the sexy side and do more than hide your abdomen or other parts of your body source complex. Erika has put together a swimwear selection of one-piece swimsuits. Discover attractive necklines, crisscross styles and versatile adjustable straps. Choose from summer patterns and beautiful flattering colors at the heart of trends.


Too much hide your game ...

Do not fall into the opposite extreme by developing an aversion to 2-piece swimsuits, which you systematically deprive yourself having taken the unfortunate habit of hiding your little bead at the waist, your generous hips, or your orange peel ... Do not flog yourself anymore by putting yourself in mind that you do not embody the myth of the perfect body. Assume your feminine curves and proudly display your natural sex appeal! It is likely that you are the only person obsessed with your little flaws. Think instead of having fun! Hunt negative thoughts and replace them with positive vibrations. For example, be happy that your generous chest eclipses the amplitude of your hips.

Still not up to reveal your silhouette? These few surprising facts should make you change your mind. Small bikinis, with little coverage, may make you look thinner. Adjustable straps will not dampen the strongest parts of your body. So change your swimwear design drastically and dare to wear the two-piece swimsuit. Opt for bikinis tops, neck bra, or headbands ... pair them with striped bottoms, which will reveal a bit more your skin. Moderate coverage forms include partial coverage options. The partial coverage options include raised necklines, ruffled textiles, and high waisted knickers.


Accept the discomfort

Do not be resigned if you are uncomfortable in an uncomfortable bath set. Ban swimwear that digs your skin, elastics that pinch you and inadequate bathing bras that cause you shoulder and back pain. These inconveniences indicate that you have not chosen a form of swimsuits adapted to your morphology. Choose preferably a two-piece separable swimsuit. So you can buy a shirt top regardless of the underside of the shirt, to find the perfect fit and comfort. The separable bath sets are also a great opportunity to indulge in mix and match for a customized look. Are you one of the lucky ones who have a more generous breast? Look for styles with built-in foams that give you the extra support you need.

Follow swimwear trends at all costs

Do you place seaside fashion trends at the top of your personal taste? It may be a mistake! It is certain that you will be more comfortable in swimsuits with cuts appropriate to your morphology and patterns and colors that seduce you. Do not always conform to current fashion standards. You will take the opportunity to increase your self-esteem! Many swimwear brands offer you the ability to mix and matchups and downs to create your own look and make your look an extension of your unique personality.


Forget the practical side of a swimwear item

Are you sure you want to choose your swimsuit only for its look or also for its functionality? Clearly, match the swimwear you adapt to the level of physical activity for which it is intended. Also, buy your swimsuit according to the environment in which you will evolve this summer. For poolside relaxation or beachside relaxation, revealing bikinis and strapless bandeau tops promote tanning.

If you swim, water sports or beach, if you run or dance, choose instead swimsuits that ensure you maintain and comfort even in motion. If you plan to dive for action swimming or surfing, opt for swimsuits with full coverage like a 1-piece swimsuit for example. The socks are expanding in the water, so be sure to order two-piece separates a little closer to the body to avoid small incidents with your jersey. With one-piece bathing suits, you have no chance of seeing your swimsuit float in the water while you blush with shame in your simplest device.


Omit the accessorization of your swimwear outfit

Are you the type to wrap your bath towel at the beach? So you've probably forgotten a whole swimsuit: Beachwear. And yes, the seaside fashion does not stop at swimsuits! Any fashionista must complete her outfit with a sarong, a beach dress or a beach tunic. If these beach accessories have the function of covering your skin to avoid sunburn or complex, they also have the advantage of giving a more elegant look. Their light and airy fabrics are very comfortable and their varied and trendy designs will allow you to wear them in casual beach restaurants.


Neglecting the maintenance of your swimsuit

Have you ever thought of flushing your swimsuit immediately after use? Immerse them in lukewarm water for a few minutes to remove chlorine and salt residues. Prefer hand washing, even for swimwear items whose labels tell you they are machine washable. You will thus preserve their elasticity. Spin them gently to remove excess water. Let them dry in your shower or outside in a shaded area. Avoid all sources of direct heat, including sunlight and electric clothes dryers. They would inevitably destroy the elasticity of the textile fiber and by the same its maintenance. Dry your swimsuits outdoors and preferably flat. Proper care after each use will prolong the life of your swimsuit. It will also save your pace on the beach or the pool of the hotel!


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