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The history of lingerie

I put a corset, but why do you do that?
I wanted to see how they did, but why did they wear that? It's very difficult to bear.
I think they did not have much choice it was the time, besides, let's make a little historical point on lingerie.

In the Middle Ages, there is no question of lingerie, it is even more about hiding its forms, it's not too fashion.
Greek and Roman women wear a simple bandage that supports the chest, it also allowed to play sports more easily
In the Middle Ages we wear sorts of shirt under the dresses, it allowed especially to avoid friction because the fabrics at the time they are super irritating, imagine, me who already have to trouble with a label on the collar of a sweater!
the top question is: how did they do during their menses?
so if you have the answer you can put it in a comment because for now I only have pictures of a movie gore!

at the rebirth and the arrival of the best friend of Juliette the body is a hymn, it served to show his uprightness his nobility, then gradually it was used especially to put the body of women in value: we highlight the chest one refines the size and one faints :)
women at that time had no lungs and stomachs!

And so still no panties, it will be necessary to wait for a little before the arrival of the pants of lingerie which will become as and
panties because it will shorten. the corset disappears at the revolution but returns in force at the beautiful time and there we are closer to the sheath; we can say that the corset is like a symbol of the power of women because they have the right to put their bodies in value but it is also a way of sexualizing their body and there we are in a universe clearly dominated by the men.
the corset distorts his spine, it displays the silhouette but it moves the organs is anything but freedom.

during the first world war, women are called to work and lingerie fits but already in 1889 Herminie Cadolle presented her first bra more comfortable for women

the bra will be democratized especially in the 20s it will gradually adapt to different morphologies by offering different cup sizes.

will appear later the bra that made the pointed breasts and then the famous dildo to create a super cleavage.
lingerie becomes more and more sexier and becomes a real economic issue, and again everything is done to sexualize the body of the women.

in the 70s women are fed up, they want comfort, not sexy, even downright nothing at all, it is invisible, but it will not last because in the 80s is the return of the sexy.

today we find a lot of different styles, whether for bras or pants, then you choose yours so whatever your choice you are free, it is your body to highlight or not, privilege sexy or total comfort, super padded or transparent, you will find something that suits you!

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