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The choice of a bra should depend primarily on your morphology and your needs. There are indeed several types of shapes that will enhance (or not) your silhouette based on your measurements. Be careful not to choose a shape only by habit or taste. Here is a small practical guide to finding out what type of bra is best for your chest.

A small breast?

We, women, are eternal dissatisfied. Yes Yes. We always want what we do not have and those of us who have small breasts are often complexed. But let's see the good side of things: little chest = big choice. That is to say? We can afford to wear everything with a small breast. All shapes, all models.

Nevertheless, we recommend the push-up bra which is your best asset to enhance your cleavage. Its push effect will refocus and plump your chest giving it more volume and its plunging cup in "V" will wreak havoc. Who will dare to talk about small breasts now?

For those who want to revisit the classics, the triangle bra is a true retro-chic piece ideal for petite breasts. Its cut plunging neckline and look very trendy these days make it a real asset of seduction so enjoy your assets. We advise you to choose a model without frames if you favor comfort and a more natural effect.

When the warm weather arrives, you often wear halter dresses and the bandeau bra, or strapless bra, will be your ideal partner for an invisible effect. Starting with cup A and usually stopping at cup C or D (maximum), you will have every opportunity to choose your model that will necessarily exist in your size. This underside is only suitable for small and medium breasts because with heavier breasts it will not keep the breast properly in place.

So with these few tips, are you still jealous of having a small chest?

A balanced breast?

You are, as they say, lucky. Neither too small nor too big, your breasts will be the easiest to highlight. As for small breasts, you can afford to wear everything without resorting to fireworks.

For us, the bra is ultra adapted to your chest. It will curve and give it a more rounded appearance without changing the volume for a beautiful natural effect. Moreover, it will adapt to all your outfits thanks to their essentially smooth bonnets that make them invisible under your clothes. And if you want more volume the push-up bra will do wonders again.

The basket bra is another alternative for a perfect curve of the breasts. It will enhance them and give a clinging effect to your cleavage with its clear cut and very sexy. They wrap only the lower part of the breast which allows you to wear very deep necklines. For us, this is the form to have for those who are in search of sensuality and romance.

For women with small chest and / or firm looking above all comfort, it is imperative that you test a bra without frames. It will free you from the constraints of the frames and will support your naturally pure chest a greater comfort.

A generous breast?

Here we are. Everyone wants you, everyone wants your chest, but few know that it is not always easy to assume it and even less to find "shoe" to his feet. Counting a generous breast consists of managing two aspects:

1 / Show off what Mother Nature has so kindly offered you.

2 / Offer you some optimal comfort by ensuring that your breasts have excellent support which is really essential.

We will look for shapes adapted to your needs with some specificities such as thicker and reinforced materials for example (back, straps, doubled fabric ...).

We will begin by setting our sights on a classic: the fitting bra (or underwired bra, wrapping ...). Its enveloping shape allows covering the upper part of the breast while sculpting it to offer a perfect support. Ideal every day, it will allow you to wear all your outfits (avoid all the same necklines too deep because the bra might be seen) with support and optimal comfort. But it is true that it is not the sexiest.

In this case, the semi-fitting balcony bra has a cut between the basket and the frame can be a very good alternative to feel beautiful and feminine and to seduce your little world. Its cups cut in two parts (most of the time) with a low part which curves the chest thanks to a vertical seam and a high part dressing perfectly your chest. It will offer you a nice neckline thanks to its plunging shape while preserving the comfort and support that are the qualities of the underwired bra.

Finally, for those who have a little less firm chest and looking for a little push effect, the bra says memory shape (or memory form) you will get a nice neckline rounding the curve of your chest with its intelligent shell that marries the shape of your breasts naturally. A small push effect, lightweight materials, a very good fit and smooth shells for the invisibility side and you have all the ingredients to become the femme fatale now. Your figure has never been so perfect!

A very strong chest?

Women who have very strong breasts imagine that they have to give up wearing sophisticated and sexy lingerie. Not at all! The major lingerie brands are working more and more on these underwear called deep cups to offer all women the right to be beautiful and glamorous without compromising on the maintenance of your breasts. And for those who are complex to have a breast so generous, there are also solutions that will allow you to be reassured while having a stylish look. You will see that there is something to find happiness ...

As for women with cups D and E, the underwire bra is recommended for you too. This is excellent underwear providing support, comfort, and well-being. But it may be a little crazy for some.

In this case, the minimizer bra is THE room to have in her lingerie dressing room for women who want to get a discreet chest by visually decreasing the volume of their chest to feel reassured in comfortable underwear. Its high and enveloping structure allows you to cheat on the volume of your breasts without compressing them and having a feeling of discomfort. You will be able to wear clothes that you dare not (or more) put back like little blouses or narrow tops.

For us, the spacer bra is highly recommended for those looking for innovative underwear and offering optimal wellbeing! Its ultra-light mesh will let your skin breathe without compressing your breasts to give you a perfect curve and its nesting cover shape will ensure you a splendid plunging neckline. All without overlooking the maintenance that will be excellent again.

It's your turn!

Here we are. With this little practical guide, we hope to have given you tips and advice that will help you know what kind of bra you need and feel fulfilled with your lingerie. Now all forms of bras have no secrets for you. To you to make your choice according to your silhouette, your assets and especially your desires!

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