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Which color of underwear to choose? Current trends

You want to buy a new set of underwear but you do not know what color of underwear to choose? What color to avoid? What is the IT of the season? We will try to help you make the best choice while taking a look at current brand trends. Not to make the wrong purchase.

Lingerie = a color

It is clear that depending on the type of underwear you want to buy, dominant colors are needed naturally. If you opt for sexy lingerie, black and red and their variants will be more conducive to creating the desired effect. Black is easier to wear than red, he has won all votes for many years. Some will say that it becomes too classic, however, some brands are working to create jewelry lingeries to bring more creativity to their models.

White and ivory are the right colors for wedding lingerie. But they are also suitable for classic lingerie for a more reasonable look. Nevertheless, on a tanned skin, the white plays contrast and the rendering quickly becomes very sexy!

The blue or fuchsia underwear brings a lot of brightness to the underwear and is suitable for both sexy lingerie and more classic lingerie. It all depends on the variant of the color, in any case, they remain IT for your adornments.

The thing never is forgotten: never mimic the colors of an ornament except on more eccentric or original outfits. The bottom and the top must always be tuned to create a nice uniformity. A blue shorty with a pink bra does not fulfill the conditions of the sexy but rather to let go.

THE underwear color of the season!

Minimalism! Today, pastel colors and cosmetics are the main trends of the season. Powdery pink, water green and nude flood the shop shelves. Practical, invisible, these ultra-versatile underwear enjoy sexy details. Lace stretch, flat guipure ... The goal is to make them even more attractive while preserving what makes their strength. Conversely, in total opposition to this minimalist trend, we find strong and intense colors like purple. A color that affirms personality and plays on desires.

Lingerie that matches your hair color

We do not always think about it, but associating the color of underwear with its hair color, can give a brilliant result to this mix! A beautiful red is marrying wonderfully with red lingerie. Take a ride in a quality shop near you and browse models looking for a color that is similar to that of your hair. You will see, the result is sublime and you will have an adornment that will look like your personality. And when we know that we sublimate when we are ourselves ...

Just like hair color, it's interesting to choose the color of your underwear according to your skin type. Nude or nude underwear gives a crazy charm to the light skins with a pastel rendering.

You now have all the keys in hand to choose the right color of underwear.

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